What is Competitive Intelligence?

Definitions of Competitive Intelligence

  • To develop a mode of governorship whose object is the control of the strategic information which has as a finality the competitiveness and the safety of the national economy and the national companies. (Alain Juillet)
  • Systematic program to collect and analyze the information upon the activities of the competitors.... in view to achieve the strategic goals of the company. (Larry Kahanner)
  • Analyze the information, upon the competitors which are involvedwithin the decision process of the company. (Leonard Fuld)
  • Knowledge and forecast of the surounding world -in view to assist the decision of the company‚Äôs CEO. (Jan Herring)
  • Master the Information which allows decision making. (Ben Gilad)
  • Systematic program to treat, analyze, understand, disseminate information upon the activities of the competitors, the technologies and the general tendencies of the company's activities, in view to achieve the best strategic goal of the company. (Henri Dou)

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