Technology Watch - TW - Workshop no. 1

Development of a Technology Watch Unit

This program is suitable for companies of all sizes that would like to develop their R&D capabilities, to understand their competitors' strategies, and to provide technologies for regional groups to leverage for the local development.


  • To define the TW process into a company or in a regional scale
  • To develop a TW unit in close relationship with the decision makers
  • To define and to understand the role of strategic information in all kind of development
  • To develop the right strategies to detect, manage and disseminate the strategic information
  • To set up expert groups to facilitate the understanding of the information in terms of Quick SWOT analysis
  • To learn the role of future thinking and developing the right attitude and frame of mind
  • To provide to the CEO the right analysis in a suitable format
  • To understand and practice how a platform to create knowledge is important in the Information Society
  • To take advantage to the IT (Information Technology) to promote industrial and regional development

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Competitive Intelligence - CI - Workshop no. 2

Development of a Competitive Intelligence Team for your Company or for the Region

This program is applicable to all decision makers and CEO who participate in the strategic development of a Company or a Region.


  • To understand why in most of the developed countries, Competitive Intelligence is a National Stake for Companies and territorial development
  • To define the components and objectives of the CI team and its role in fortifying the political decisions
  • To give the best approach to set up a CI team. What are the brakes, the levers, what is the place of the Company or Regional culture in the process
  • To emphasize the main steps to be followed by the CI team to get the best results
  • To define the global indicators which will help to place your company among its competitors and to create a regional attraction
  • To understand how the CI team facilitates the change of the mental attitude of people
  • To show how in different countries, the CI team interacts with the governmental institutions

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Patent Analysis - Workshop no. 3

Introducing Patent Analysis as a Strategic Tool in Companies, Governmental and Educational Institutions

Patents as a unique source of information must be used in companies, national institutions and regional development bodies not only to benchmark competitors, not only to protect inventions, but also to pin point strategic areas of development where threats and opportunities may have appeared. Because most of the patent databases are freely available through the Internet (Espacetnet, USPatent, etc), patent analysis is a must for all people and institutions working in R&D and strategic development. Patents are more than a tool for Intellectual Property, but they are also a think tank freely available to boost new ideas and innovation.


  • To understand the role of patents in strategic development at a national and regional level, as well as for large or middle size companies
  • To define the best way to search, download and build up local patent databases
  • To understand the role of patent classes (IPC, EC, US, Japanese)
  • To understand biliometric patent analysis
  • To use Matheo Patent to analyze automatically patent data and to build in minutes relevant elaborated information
  • To work various case studies, to seek new ideas, analyze competitors, and to know the inventors and companies technological profiles
  • To build up patent families, download patent full text and design automatic reports
  • To integrate patent analysis in the company, regional and educational institutional policy

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Competitive Intelligence - CI - Workshop no. 4

A three day seminar in house for action

This program will provide after a quick audit, the basic knowledge necessary to set up a global Competitive Intelligence Team in your company or Institution. The program is applicable to all companies willing to set up rapidly and with the best chances of success a Competitive Intelligence Unit.


  • First day: The methodology of Competitive Intelligence. In depth analysis (quick audit) of the information practices and how this information is accurate and is integrated in the decision system of the company. Critical factor of success will also be analyzed to see to which extend the information collection fit with these objectives. Synthesis of the audit and strategies to collect formal and informal external or internal information
  • Second day: The information system of the company. Goal of the system, requirement. The dissemination of the information. Cooperative Work and platform to create knowledge. Role and management of the experts. Live examples of various systems. Analysis in terms of SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat)
  • Third day: Formal information sources. Competitive Intelligence tools, patents retrieval and analysis. The shape and the place of the Competitive Intelligence Team in your Company. Which facilities are necessary, what will be the cost. Tentative of ROI. Guideline and conclusion of the workshop

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For the person which will follow the course of CI, certificates will be given. These certificates can be issued for Competitive Intelligence Asia, or from other organizations participating to the Competitive Intelligence Asia Educational Program.


Wednesday the 17th. Presented by Sri Damayanty Manullang
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