Jacky Kister



1973-1980 Contractual Researcher DRME-DRET (Ministry of Defence) (Ing. 2 A)
Laboratory of Organic Chemistry A, Marseille

01/01/1980 Joined the CNRS as AR5, U.RA.CNRS 126: Dir. J. Metzger, team of H. Dou
Poste PIRSEM "systèmes énergétiques fossiles (fossil energy systems)"

01/10/1982 1st class Research in Charge

01/10/1990 2nd class Research Director

01/01/1998 Director of the ESA CNRS 6171 (14 permanents) (01/01/1998-31/12/1999)
Chemical Complex Systems (U3-CNRS) Recent and Fossil Organic Matters in Environmental

01/01/2000 Director of the UMR CNRS 6171 (28 permanents) (01/01/2000-31/12/2003)
Chemical Complex Systems (U3-CNRS-CEA) Recent and Fossil Organic Matters in Environmental

01/01/2004 Director of the UMR CNRS 6171 (28 permanent) (01/01/2004-31/12/2007)
Chemical Complex Systems (U3-CNRS-CEA) (U1-U2) Formulation Quality Environment (STIC / Chemistry interface)
STIC partner of ADEME and CEA (info-Energy and PACo networks)
Unit dependent departments Chemical Sciences and Sustainable Development

01/01/2008 2nd class Research Director, UMR 6263 ISM2 team of AD2EM
Responsible on Complex Chemical Systems Laboratory: services 451-461 (15 permanent and 14 theses)

Elected member of the Council on "Chemical Sciences" Department at CNRS (2001-2005)
Appointed become a Member for the Chemistry to the Scientific Council of I.N.S.U.e. (2002-2006)
Elected Vice President of the commission of U3 31/33 specialists from 1998 to 2004
Appointed become a Member of the commissions of U3 71 and 64 specialists from from 2001 to 2004
Appointed become a Member of the  commissions of U3 31 specialists from 2005 to 2007
Appointed become a Member of the commissions of U2 39 specialists from 2003 to 2007

Responsible on Information Sciences and Strategic Watch module for chemistry channels since 1988 and Pharmacy / Cosmetology 2006 and a member of the Group of CNRS experts in Economic Intelligence 2007 - 2009, Created in 2009 with the approval of the CNRS from SIS "Strategic Innovation Survey", supported platform for SME-SMI in Strategic Watch and Competitive Intelligence.





  • 156 publications issued and 15 chapters of books.
    25 publications for the period 2005-2009 (average IF > 2, Standard 1,290 < IF2008 < 5,712), for 2009 6 pub.2,579 < IF2008 <5,712


  • 85 research reports (industrial contracts, excluding military confidential contracts).


  • 392 papers, including 44 lectures/conferences on invitation.


  • 3 labeled and funded projects of competitive clusters CAPENERGIES, MER-PACA and SCS (global cluster).


  • 11 theses being funded at 01/07/2009 in Chemistry Sciences and Economic Intelligence (IST).


  • Award of technology transfer provided by Hubert CURIEN (1986) at the inauguration of the IMT Marseille, following the classification "fait porteur d’avenir / make a promising future" (theme materials), during the MRT symposium in 1982 and to support ANVAR in 1985.


  • A transfer of technology operation (Ste Katz-Anophot / IBS in the field of non-silver photography) (ANVAR-DVAR-CNRS). (Advice of the VAR Commission in 1985)


  • A transfer of technology operation at the field of the study in natural oxidation and aging of bitumen by IRTF (ANVAR, ELF).


  • Creation of A.S.P.R.O.M. European network in the Chemistry - Geosciences interface 1990 on the occasion of the MRT Strasbourg seminar "Terre notre planète: voir, mesurer, modéliser (Our planet Earth: see, measure, model)" co-directed with P. Landais, current D.S. of ANDRA.


  • Winner of the 2009 on Emergence category, Award of national competition from Ministry of Education and Research with OSEO and ANR, given on 25/06/2009 by Valerie PECRESSE for the G.R.D.S. project (thesis Cifre C. Sauzet sustained on 03/07/2009, Director of thesis J. Kister, Co-director P. Prinderre Co (recipient), thesis interface Strategic Watch / Chemistry / Pharmaceutics between the Universities of Aix-Marseille I and II, leading to the creation of a business (JEI), set business incubator between universities. Impulse along with using the starting device Provence (Prefecture) and SIS.




  • Ingénieur I.P.S.O.I. (1973)
    Docteur 3ème cycle (1974)
    CAAE-I.A.E. d'Aix-en-Provence (1975)


  • Doctor of Physical Sciences (1977)
    Authorized to conduct research since 1979


  • 101ème Stage DST / DGSE "Menaces d’investigations étrangères dans le domaine scientifique" (1983)


  • Habilité à diriger des recherches soutenue le 15/01/1988


  • Qualifié aux fonctions de Professeur
    in section 31/32 Chemistry (1994)
    in section 71 info-com (2007)


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