Udisubakti Ciptomulyono


Prof.Dr. Ir. Udisubakti Ciptomulyono M.Eng.ScProf. Dr. Ir. UDISUBAKTI CIPTOMULYONO. M.Eng. Sc.



·Researcher Member of Team Unit of Territorial Innovation System at (Regional Board for Scientific Research Centre –Balitbangda.

·Head of Academic Affairs of Master Management of Technology Program -ITS (2008-2012 )

·Head of Industrial Engineering Department -FTI-ITS (2004-2007)

·National Assessor to National Accreditation Board (BAN-DIKTI) (Since 2004- present)

· National Reviewer to National Accreditation of Scientific Publication Journal (DP2M-DIKTI) (Since 2004- present)

· Head of Research and Development- EEESAC (Environment and Energy Economic Study and Assessment Center)

·National Reviewer to National Accreditation of Scientific Publication Journal (DP2M-DIKTI) (Since 2004- present)

·External Examiner of several Ph-D students: Dr. Buana Maaruf (FTK-ITS, 2006). Dr. Ibrahim Hisyam(FTK-ITS, 2007), Dr. Imam Suyadi (Pasca Sarjana Ilmu Administrasi Bisnis-UNIBRAW), Dr.Suryadi (Faculty of Economy –UGM) and Academic supervisor in Ms. Kifayah Ph-D Student of Sydney Univesity of Technology -Australia).

·Team Member of the study “Territorial Innovation and Institutional Study for East Java’s Competitive Environment ”(2012)

·Team Member of the Study “Economic Impact Analysis for Exclusive Economic Zoned of Industrial Lamongan Estate ”(Deprind-LPPM 2008)

·Team Leader of the Corporate Planning Project for PDAM-Surabaya (2006)

·Team Member to “Feasibility Study for New Plant of PT. Semen Tbk” LPPM-ITS (2005/2006)

·Team member ”Study of Aromatic Petrochemical Industries Development in East Java”, Disperindag-LPPM(2006)

·Team Member of Study of Industrial Potential Mapping in South of East Java (Disperindag-LPPM 2001)

·Team Member of the Study “ Economic Impact Analysis for Exclusive Economic Zoned of Industrial Lamongan Estate ”(Deprind-LPPM 2008)

·Team Member to “Feasibility Study for New Plant of PT. Semen Tbk” LPPM-ITS (2005/2006)

·Team member ”Study of Aromatic Petrochemical Industries Development in East Java”, Disperindag-LPPM(2006)

·Team Member of Study of Industrial Potential Mapping in South of East Java (Disperindag-LPPM 2001)

·Tem member of Study Development Model for Improvement and Selection of East Java Industrial Cluster (Bapeprov-Jatim-LPPM, 2003)

·Team leader to joint research project of PT. Telkom -Insititute of Technology Sepuluh November (ITS), "The Economic Scale Study of Communication Service System in East Java", FTI-PT Telkom, Surabaya (1991- 1992)

· Team member of "Study of the Trend Analysis Distribution of Domestic Investment in East Java" (Joint Research, BKPMD-FTI- ITS, Surabaya, 1991)

·Associate engineer to the project "Job Description and Analysis of Perumpel III/IV", Pusat Management dan Pengembangan (PMP) FE-UNAIR, Surabaya (1986 - 1987).




·International Training Program on International Training Program on “Carbon Finance Training and Trading”. GERES (Groupe Energies Renouvelables, Environnnments et Solidarites), Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

·International Training Program on Effective Energy System for Sustainable Development, AIT-Bangkok, Thailand (2006)

·International Training Courseon Urban and Domestic and Industrial Solid Waste, AIT-Bangkok,Thailand (2004)

·Training Course on the "Implementation of An Environmental Management Systems According to ISO 14001", BSN and ISO, Surabaya (2001).

·Workshop on the "Implementation of Clean Technology Production", BBPT, Jakarta (2000).

·Workshop “Decision Making in A Complex World” with Prof. Saaty of University Pennsylvania State - PPM, Jakarta

·Training Curriculum Development- Problem Based Learning, Kerjasama Texas A&M University dan EFRED USA.

·Training Course on ”The Implementation of An Environmental Management Systems According to ISO 14001”, BSN and ISO, Surabaya

·Work-shop on the “Implementation of Clean Technology Production”, BPPT, Jakarta.

·Cours de Francais a Orientation Scientifique”, Centre de Linguistique Appliquee (CLA). Universite de Franche-Compte. Besancon. France.




·   Key note speaker at the Industrial Development Forum, “A Strategy toward Industrial Ecology in Indonesia” (Presented at the Ministry of Industrial Conference, Jogjakarta-2011)

·   Development Land Use Planning of Madura for an integrated Economic Based Island (Department of Public and Civil Works of Indonesia-2009)

·   Study of Economic Impact for development Integrated for Industrial Estate in Lamongan- East-Java”. Sponsored by LPPM-ITS- Desperindag (Minestry of Industry and Trade -2009.

·   MCDM-Analytical Network Process (ANP) Model and Balance Score Card For Measuring Industrial Performance”. Jurnal Teknologi. ACADEMIA ISTA. VOl.2, No.4. 2009.

·   Model of Multi Criteria Decision Making(MCDM) Compromise Programming for Optimizing Automotive Industry Based on Environment Friendly ”.Industri, Journal Ilmiah Sains dan Teknologi Vol. 7, No.2, 2008

·   Model Cycle MCDM- Analytical Network Process (ANP) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) For Development Green Supply Chain Management Product Plastic Tube”. Jurnal Ilmiah Teknik Industri. Bidang Manajemen Teknologi Lingkungan. Vol. 9, No. 1, 2008

·   Metode MCDM-ELECTRE III For Marketing Zone in Teleselling Supermarket in Surabaya ”, Eksekutif : Journal of Business and Management. Vol.5, No.1, April, 2008

·   Fuzzy Goal Programming Approach for Deriving Priority Weights in the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) Method”, Journal of Applied Sciences Research, 4(2), 171-177, 2008.

·   “Model of Multi Criteria Decision Making-AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) For Energy Demand Side Management (DSM) Policy in- PT PLN Distibusi Jawa Timur.” (Presented in Indonesian Symposium on 5’th of IAHP Industrial Engineering Department-UNDIP-Semarang, 14 Mei 2008)

·   “Integrated Model of Life Cycle Assesment (LCA) and Analytical Hierarchy Process(AHP) for Selecting Improvement Performance Program Based on Simapro-5 ”, Jurnal Purifikasi –Jurnal Teknologi dan Manajemen Lingkungan, Vol.8, No.2, p. 169-174. 2007

·   “A Development Model Of Fuzzy Goal Programming For Regional River Water Quality Management”, Jurnal Purifikasi –Jurnal Teknologi dan Manajemen Lingkungan, Vol.8, No.2, p. 169-174. 2007

·   “Integrated Fuzzy AHP and Weighted Fuzzy Goal Programming Approach To Solve Supplier Selection Problems With Subjective Factors”. IPTEK, No1, Vol. 18, 2007.

·   “Fuzzy Multiobjective Programming for Optimization of Environmental Quality Management” (Presented in International Seminar on Green technology and Engineering University of Malahayati, Lampung, Agustus, 2007)

·   Model Multicriteria Analytical Hierarchy Prosess (AHP) and Goal Programming For Expansion Electricity Capacity With Consideration to Environment Problem”. Optima, No.3, Vol.4. 2006

·   “Model Analytical Hierarchy Proces (AHP)-Probabilistik for Decision Support System”, Optima, No.1, vol.2, 2005.

·   “Usulan Model Keputusan Multikriteria Terintegrasi Untuk Pemilihan IKM Penerima Pinjaman Lunak di Wilayah Surabaya”, OPTIMA, No.2, Vol.2, 2005

·   “Model of Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM)-Analytical Hierarchy Proces and Geographical Information System (GIS) for Measuring Environmental Performance in Surabaya River”, OPTIMA, No.2, Vol.2, 2005.

·   "Eco-Manufacturing: A Paradigm Toward Industrial Development Environment Friendly" (To be presented at the "Manufacturing System: Improving Competitiveness Through Manufacturing Strategy National Conference", 1 October-2001, Surabaya)

·   "A Development of Multicriteria Decision Making Model (MCDM) For Optimization the Electrical Energy Projects Selection in Java Bali System Supply" (Research Project, Financial Support by "Due Like-ITS Project", 2001)

·   . “An Application of Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM)- ELECTRE-III Approach to Prioritize the Industrial Planning in East Java" (2002).

·    Model Multi objective - Compromise Programming for Optimizing Automative Industry Based On Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing – Industrial Development ECM Concept” (Hibah Riset, PPJ-Jurusan Teknik Industri, Periode - 2004/5)

·   "A Model of Multiobjectif Programming for Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Air Pollution Emission due to Electricty Power Capacity Expansion" (Research Project, Financial Support by SPP/DPP-ITS", 2001)

·   "An Application of ELECTRE-III Approach to Prioritize the Industrial Development Planning in East Java" (A research paper presented at the "Teknik Industri dan Manufacturing -TIM Seminar ", June 2001).

·   " Un Modèle d'Aide à la Sélection des Projets: L'Integration de la Procédure Analyse Hierarchique (AHP) et la Programmation Mathématique à Objectif Multiple: Application Aux Projets de Developpement de Centrales Eléctriques en Indonésie " (Doctor's thesis in Université Aix-III Marseille, France, March 2000).

·   "An Integration Model of Zero-One Goal Programming Approach and the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) for Java-Bali Electric Supply System Project Selection" (Accepted to present "The Fourth International Conference on Multi-Objective Programming and Goal Programming Theory and Application, Akademia Ekonomiczna, Katowice, May 31, 2000, Poland)

·   "The Delphi Method and The Analytic Hierarchy Process For Priority Setting Energy Policy Objective" ( Indonesian Sciences Communication, Vol.3, No. 1, Paris, January-2000)

·   "A Multiobjective Programming Approach for Waste Management Strategy in Developing Countries a Case Study on Indonesia" (Submitted to publish in Journal of Environmental Management, Academic Press, London )

·   "An Integrated Model Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Goal Programming Approach For Waste Management" (Presented, in "The Third International Conference on Multi-Objective Programming and Goal Programming: Theory and Application, Université Laval, Québec, May 31, 1998, Quebec City, Canada).

·   "The Model of Fuzzy Goal Programming for Aggregate Production Planning" (IPTEK, Vol.7, No.2, May 1996)

·   " Study to Economics of Scales Models for Industry Telecommunication: An Multiregression Model Approach" (IPTEK-ITS, Vol. 5,No.1, May, 1995)

·   "A Model for Sustainable Economic Development" (A paper to be presented in the Seminar of Green House Effects and It's Implication to Indonesia, Creswick, Melbourne-Australia, November 1990)

·   The numbers of articles (more than 60 titles) with the topics of environmental management and industrial development isues are published and appeared in many national news papers such as "The Jakarta Post", “Kompas”, "Suara Pembaruan", "Surabaya Post", "Media Indonesia", "Surya", "Pikiran Rakyat", "Suara Indonesia" etc. (1983 -2007).



·   Satyalancana Karya Satya (President of RI, Juli 2007)

·   Karya Satya (Rector of ITS, 2007)

·   The best performance lecturer of MMT (2009)

·   The Best Lecturer in Industrial Faculty FTI-ITS (2008)

·   Katayama Hibara Corporation Award, Japan (2006, 2003)

·   International Development Program (IDP), Australia

·   Bourgier du Gouvernement Francaise (BGF), France.



·Prof. Dr. D.S. Mansell, Professor and Director to The Development Technologies Centre of the Faculty of Engineering, The University of Melbourne , Parkville Vic. 3052, Melbourne Australia (Former Director of Academic Supervisor)

·Prof. Dr. Jean Mitchell Ruiz, Professor and senior lecturer at "Ingénierié des projects industriels" of "Ecole National Superieure de Syntheses, de Procedes et d'Ingenierie Chimique d'Aix Marseille" (ENSSPICAM), 20 Avenue, Escadrille Normandie Niemens, Faculté des Science et Techniques, Université d'Aix Marseille III, 13997 Marseille France (Former Director of the Research and Academic Supervisor).

·Prof. Dr. Henri Dou, Professor and Director of the CRRM -Université Aix Marseille III, Centre Scientifique de Saint Jérome, 13397 Marseille Cedex 20 France. (Former Director of the Research and Academic Supervisor).

·Prof.Dr. Sunartjahja Djajadiningrat MSc, Dean School Business of Management-ITB, Ganesha-10. Bandung. (Former Academic Supervisor).




Universite d'Aix Marseille III, Centre de Recherche Retrospective de Marseille (CRRM). Faculte des Sciences et Technique de Saint Jerome. France. (Doctor Degree)


The University of Melbourne at the International

Development Technology Center-Faculty of Engineering

Australia (Master in Engineering Science).

1979 - 1985

Bandung Institute of Technology- Bandung (ITB).

Faculty of Industrial Technology-Bandung (Engineer in

Industrial Engineering)

1978 -1979

Gajah Mada University -Jogjakarta (Chemical Engineering Faculty)

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