Sri Damayanty Manullang


Sri Damayanty ManullangSri Damayanty Manullang,

DR, HDR (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches)

METICA ( Methodologie, Traitement de l’Information en Chimie  Analytique)

Universite Aix Marseille, Centre Scientifique de Saint Jerome – case 451

Avenue Escadrille  Normandie Nieman 13397, Marseille Cedex 20 – telp: +33491288551

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Sri Damayanty Manullang came to Marseilles, at the University Paul Cézanne, Aix-Marseilles III (France), to the DEA (Diplôme d'Etude Approfondie) of Competitive Intelligence at the CRRM Center, and she obtained her post graduation in 2001.

At the end of this specialization, she continued at the CRRM within the framework of a doctorate that she obtained in April 2005. The subject of this research is focussed on: Use of the Methodology and Tools of Competitive Intelligence to promote National and Regional Development.

During these years of research, she participates to various international seminars and published various academic papers and she helps various Indonesians students for the realization of their DEA Thesis or Master Thesis.

She also in 2011 obtained the “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches HDR” (certificate of aptitude to direct fundamental research) which is the higher French Diploma, after the Doctorate. This HDR will allow Mrs Manullang to participate jointly with French research to the development of Doctorate in Indonesia (co-direction) and to develop various programs linked to Doctorate students such as the development of added value products from natural resources, and the impact of Competitive Intelligence on creative thinking. This aspect of the activities of Mrs Manullang is particularly important since it shows clearly the will to continue to work in spite of this location in Indonesia. During this HDR she worked with various French Experts e.g. Henri Dou (see in the second part his today position), Philippe Clerc (Director of Competitive Intelligence in the AFCI Assemblee of the French Chambers of Commerce and Industry for all the France), Luc Quoniam (University Professor, former Scientiif Attaché in Brazil and Director if the Cendotec), and in part with Alain Juillet, former senior adviser of the French prime Minisere in Economic Intelligence.

Her work is mostly oriented to use tacit knowledge and local facilities to create the conditions of a local development, achieved through a course that she gave in the Master Competitive Intelligence in Indonesia and Malaysia. The North-South collaboration initiated within the framework of a cooperative agreement between the Aix-Marseilles III University (France) and the Universities UNIMA, Widyatama (Indonesia) and OUM (Open University of Malaysia)  is followed by a South-South collaboration with Brazil (Embrapa and UCS University of Caxias do Sul) to develop actionable local applications with higher added value.

(She has an international experience since within the framework of her research, she visited most parts of Indonesia, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil)

These various developments, lead Sri Damayanty Manullang to coordinate the first French Indonesian Symposium on Competitive Intelligence in 2004 at the Borobudur Hotel in Jakarta (She organized his Symposium in close relationship with Alain Juillet, at that time French Senior Adviser of the Prime Minister in France for Economic Intelligence), as well as to the definition of the platform for a French-Indonesian Institute. She develops various activities in Indonesia to favour the industrial development and creative thinking in Regions and Enterprises.

She also participated to various French Indonesian projects, such as the Drainage Pumping Rehabilitation Project in Jakarta (Coordinator French Company SNEF Marseille) or the development of a strategy for the Indonesian market of Onduline International products in Indonesia.

After her Doctorate, she returned to Indonesia and participates in Political field and joins within the Democratic Party of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

During this period she continues to work with the CRRM and the Chemical Laboratory of Jacky. Kister with in mind the valorization of the natural resources but also the development of various strategies to bring to researchers projects useful for the regional inhabitants.

She also works with the University UNIMA (Universitas Negeri Manado) in the North Sulawesi, to assist various students during the preparation of their Master in collaboration avec the University Paul Cezanne.


Books, Publications, Communications and Conferences (2003 – 2011)

Doctorat en Science de l’Information et de la Communication (Veille Technologique, Intelligence Compétitive)

April, 2005, Salle des thèse, Faculté de Saint Jérôme, Université Paul Cézanne, Pour un Programme National d'Intelligence Compétitive en Indonésie pour le développement économique

Director Henri Dou


Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches HDR, obtained after the PhD (the highest French Diploma in Research), 2011

(Certificate of Aptitude to direct fundamental and applied research)





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