Jean-Louis Levet


Jean-Louis LevetHolds a Master of Planning, Jean-Louis Levet earned a Ph.D. graduate degree in Economics and a PhD degree in Economics State. He was the recipient of the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences in Montpellier. His work focuses on industrial economics and public policy for the development of the productive system.


Career in Government

He became chargé de mission and then chief of the division "ERP and automation of production" in the Directorate General of the Ministry of Industry (1982-1988) where he was responsible for multiple files in the industrial machinery industry, contributes to the definition and implementation of the national program designed to promote Productique business performance of capital goods, participates in the implementation of the European Eureka program at the initiative of France. He later became the Special Advisor for Economic Affairs of Christian Pierret, president of the supervisory committee of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (1988-1990), then director of the strategy of the Company's financial participation industrial participation in the transformation of the company in an industrial and CEO of Expansion partners (1990-1991).

As a Special Adviser for industrial matters in cabinet of Édith Cresson, Prime Minister (1991 - 1992), he has particular responsibility for the development of a Prime Minister's priorities, a plan for the development of SMIs that implemented in late 1991. He then joined the Planning Commission as Head of the Development of Industrial Technology (May 1992 -June 2001), he promotes several areas of study with corresponding working groups bringing together all the economic actors, social and territorial governments (which it will for the most part the General Rapporteur) around issues of industrial policy and competition policy at the European level of competitiveness of French companies, intelligence, economic policies in favor of territorial development, the control centers of French economic decision-making (the question of the nationality of the company). He was appointed in June 2001 Rapporteur-General of the National Commission on state aid to companies headed by the Minister of Economy and Finance (June 2001 - December 2002), he was put in place at national level and in each region, in particular the goal, in consultation with relevant ministries, regions and social partners, to assess the French system of aid to companies for the first time a comprehensive analysis of this system will be carried out and the subject of a report to the French documentation, then it will be a benchmark for public actions to change this system. He was as a Head of business development and economic activities of the Planning Office (June - October 2003), then as Special Adviser to Alain Etchegoyen, Commissioner General Plan for industrial affairs, and European (October 2003 - March 2006). He realizes out a mission in particular the issue of relocation of production sites, the report will contribute to the public debate and action by public actors in this field. Having been in charge of the division "Industrial policy, competition and business Plan" from March to October 2006.


Academic career

He was elected unanimously by the Board of Directors in October 2006, Director (then called a few months later CEO) of Institut de recherches économiques et sociales (IRES: institute working in France serving French unions) conduct scientific program of the institute medium term, development of links with the unions; revitalization of the opening of the IRES on the outside including the completion of the first University Spring Ires with all the French unions in April 2009 on the theme "From financial capitalism sustainable development" and in partnership with the University of Paris-Dauphine and Marne la Vallée, EHESS and the media as France culture, creating an annual forum of French and German trade unions, in partnership with foundations F. Ebert and H. Böckler; conducting a seminar on "corporate strategies and their effects on employment and work". He resigned his position in late February 2010.

Member of the Scientific Council of the EGEE Doctoral School of Université Paris XII, board of experts of the Journal of Public Economics, the Scientific Committee on Security Papers (review of INHES), the editorial board of and the Journal of the European Géoéconomie Macrotec. He teaches business intelligence within the Master "Intelligence technical, scientific and economic" ESIEE (Université Marne la vallée).

Founding President (1997 - 2002) of Association Française pour le Développement de l'intelligence économique (AFDIE) and initiator of national meetings of the Economic Intelligence (1998 - 2001), co-initiator of the first Masters in France of intelligence to the University of Poitiers (1997), he created and directed the Economic Intelligence Review 1997 to 2003.

He was an auditor of the 53rd session of Institut des hautes études de la défense nationale (2000-2001).


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