Ebenhaizer Nuban Timo


Ebenhaizer Nuban TimoRev. DR. Ebenhaizer Nuban Timo was born in 1965. After concluding his theological seminary at Artha Wacana Christian University in Timor, he was ordained by the Protestant Church in West Timor and sent to be a Minister in a rural area (1990). He spends his ministerial work as a rural pastor for 4 years. In 1994, he was sent by his church to Holland to conclude magister study in dogmatic field. After 1.5 year intensive study, in 1997, he submitted a magister dissertation about the third article of the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed: I Believe in the Holy Spirit understood by Barth in his Church Dogmatic.

By his supervisor, he was asked to study further on Barth’s Doctrine of the Trinity. He submitted his Ph.D. research at the Theologische Universiteit van de Gereformeerde Kerken in Kampen under the guidance of Professor G.W. Neven in 2001.

He directly returned home in 2001 to serve his Church in Timor as a lecturer in theological seminary at Artha Wacana Christian University in Kupang. Having worked as a lecturer for three years, he was voted during the general Synod to be the Vice-Moderator of his church in 2003. In 2007, he was voted to be the Moderator in his church for 4 years term.

In 2011, he concluded his 4 years term as Moderator of the Protestant Church in Timor. He is now sent by his church to work as a lecturer in dogmatic field at Satya Wacana Christian University in Central Java.

He is interested in dialogue between religion and culture. About 15 books have been written on that subject. All the books has to do with the way Christian faith (dogmatic) being proclaimed to church members in a way understood to them. He also engaged in several researches on faith and culture in Timor either as leading group or as a member of the group.

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