DOU Henri Jean-Marie


DOU Henri Jean-Marie

Fields of Competence

Competitive Intelligence – Technology survey – Regional Development – clusters – APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) – Information systems for the Regional Development – Application to Indonesia, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, France, Africa and Indian Ocean.
International development (Competitive Intelligence and governance).
Clusters Development. Triple Helix
Chemistry : organic, petroleum and coal, biodiesel, information.


Professional Experience

Wide international experience Asia, South America, North America, USA and Canada, Africa
Professor Emeritus (Paul Cézanne)
Research Professor Peking University, China
Professor Adviser OUM Open University of Malaysia
Honorary Professor Zao-Zhuang University, China
International consultant Director of ATELIS (ESCEM, France Business School),
Expert WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
Development of the CRPHT (Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor, Luxembourg – CVT Center)
Operations manager near the Chemical Direction of the CNRS, and after near the General Direction, General Secretary of the first “action of transfer” CNRS – Industry, (Rhône Poulenc)
French representative at the International Oceanographic commission
General Secretary of the ChIN (Chemical Information Network, UNESCO)
In Charge of the study of the Coal’s CNRS-Cerchar plan to the USA.
Orientation of 104 PhD among them 60 with industrial collaborations (Conventions CIFRE and international grants).
Development of the Competitive Intelligence in Brasil (DEA and course lato sensus) collaboration with INT (Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia),
French Consultant (Chemistry) of the SDC’s group (System Development Corporation), USA
Member of the Steering Committee of Economic en Intelligence of the Regions PACA and Centre (in France)
Development of various strategies in Continuing Education (online, offline)
IHEDN Régional session (PACA) 1988


Occupied functions to date (2012)

Director of ATELIS(Strategic Intelligence Work Room) (ESCEM, France Business School)
Professor Advisor OUM Open University of Malaysia
Member of the IAB (International Advisory Board) of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam.
Expert French-Chine Association of Competitive Intelligence
Expert OMPI (Organisation Mondiale de la Propriété Intellectuelle)
President of the SFBA (French Society of Applied Bibliometrics)
Member of various boards of Scientific Journals


Former positions

Director of research at the CNRS (Direction of Research and Operation Manager near the General Direction)
Professor University Aix Marseille III (Director of the CRRM)
Professor Emeritus (Paul Cézanne)
Expert near the “Cour d’Appel” d’Aix en Provence
Founding Editor of the Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business


Main activities and responsibilities

Education and Research (Chemistry from 1965 to 1980) - Competitive Intelligence, Regional Development (from 1983 to date)
Consultant. (Competitive Intelligence, Regional Development, Information Systems for Competitive Intelligence and Technological Surveys)
Coordination, Innovation, International Development (Education and Research) South America (Brazil, Chile) and Asia (Indonesia, China, Malaysia) Indian Ocean (Madagascar)
Africa as WIPO Expert (SMEs)
French Expert, Franco-Chinese Committee of Competitive Intelligence


Name of the employers

From 1964 to 1985 CNRS, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Director of Research), from 1986 to 2006 University Professor (Aix-Marseille III), 2007 to date Director of ATELIS (ESCEM, France Business School)


Type or branch of industry

Technology survey, Technical information, Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Technical Intelligence, Regional Development, Sustainable Development, Chemistry


Education and formation

1963 – 1964: Licence Sciences - Diplôme d’Ingénieur en Pétroléochimie et Synthèse Organique Industrielle (Ingineer in Petroleochemistry and Organic Synthesis)

1964 – 1965: DESS and Certificat de Chimie Organique Approfondie (Certificate of specialized organic chemistry)

1968: Doctorat d’Etat (State Doctorate) (in part in Canada, University St François Xavier)


Additional details

Distinction : Palmes Académiques
Languages: French, English, Portuguese

Scientific production:

Information Science (Technological Survey, Competitive Intelligence, Patents mapping and information analysis), more than 250 publications and communications,15 books and various chapters. More than 50 international conferences (invited speaker)
104 Directed PhD.
Chemistry (1965 -1982), more than 200 scientific papers and Book’s Chapters and communications
Web site: and
Chinese Internet address for ciworldwide:

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