Technology Watch - TW - Workshop no. 1


Development of a Technology Watch Unit

This program is suitable for companies of all sizes that would like to develop their R&D capabilities, to understand their competitors' strategies, and to provide technologies for regional groups to leverage for the local development.


  • To define the TW process into a company or in a regional scale
  • To develop a TW unit in close relationship with the decision makers
  • To define and to understand the role of strategic information in all kind of development
  • To develop the right strategies to detect, manage and disseminate the strategic information
  • To set up expert groups to facilitate the understanding of the information in terms of Quick SWOT analysis
  • To learn the role of future thinking and developing the right attitude and frame of mind
  • To provide to the CEO the right analysis in a suitable format
  • To understand and practice how a platform to create knowledge is important in the Information Society
  • To take advantage to the IT (Information Technology) to promote industrial and regional development


Profile of the participants:

All people who assume a responsibility in strategy, R&D, marketing, economic analysis, research and education and regional prosperity.



Part of the course will be in English as well as in Indonesian, during all the course people speaking both languages will be available during all the workshop.



All the participants will be provided with a photocopy of the course and case studies.



A certificate, signed by the professors and instructors will be provided to all participants, at the end of the workshop.


Follow up after the workshop:

After the workshop, all the participants will have for one month a full password to access extra information and to set up a live forum from the participants. The professors and instructors will also participate in the forum.

Saturday the 16th. Presented by Sri Damayanty Manullang
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