Competitive Intelligence - CI - Workshop no. 2


Development of a Competitive Intelligence Team for your Company or for the Region

This program is applicable to all decision makers and CEO who participate in the strategic development of a Company or a Region.


  • To understand why in most of the developed countries, Competitive Intelligence is a National Stake for Companies and territorial development
  • To define the components and objectives of the CI team and its role in fortifying the political decisions
  • To give the best approach to set up a CI team. What are the brakes, the levers, what is the place of the Company or Regional culture in the process
  • To emphasize the main steps to be followed by the CI team to get the best results
  • To define the global indicators which will help to place your company among its competitors and to create a regional attraction
  • To understand how the CI team facilitates the change of the mental attitude of people
  • To show how in different countries, the CI team interacts with the governmental institutions


Profile of the participants:

All the decision makers from companies, institutions, governmental and regional bodies which have to understand and master the complexity of their environment, and which like to set up a CI team to strengthen the strategies and decisions making.



Part of the course will be in English as well as in Indonesian, however, during the entire course and workshop translators speaking both languages will be available.



All the participants will be provided with a photocopy of the courses and case studies.



A certificate, signed by the professors and instructors will be provided to all participants, at the end of the workshop.


Follow up after the workshop:

After the workshop, all the participants will have for one month a full password to access extra information and to set up a live forum among the participants. The professors and instructors will also participate in the forum.

Saturday the 16th. Presented by Sri Damayanty Manullang
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