Patent Analysis - Workshop no. 3


Introducing Patent Analysis as a Strategic Tool in Companies, Governmental and Educational Institutions

Patents as a unique source of information must be used in companies, national institutions and regional development bodies not only to benchmark competitors, not only to protect inventions, but also to pin point strategic areas of development where threats and opportunities may have appeared. Because most of the patent databases are freely available through the Internet (Espacetnet, USPatent, etc), patent analysis is a must for all people and institutions working in R&D and strategic development. Patents are more than a tool for Intellectual Property, but they are also a think tank freely available to boost new ideas and innovation.



Profile of the participants:

All people playing a role in R&D or regional development, all university and governmental people engaged in technology transfer, and specialists in technical documentation.



Part of the course will be in English as well as in Indonesian, during the entire course and workshop translators speaking both languages will be available.



All the participants will be provided with a photocopy of the courses and case studies.



A certificate, signed by the professors and instructors will be provided to all participants, at the end of the workshop.


Follow up after the workshop:

After the workshop, all the participants will have for one month a full password to access extra information and to set up a live forum among the participants. The professors and instructors will also participate to the forum.