Competitive Intelligence - CI - Workshop no. 4


A three day seminar in house for action

This program will provide after a quick audit, the basic knowledge necessary to set up a global Competitive Intelligence Team in your company or Institution. The program is applicable to all companies willing to set up rapidly and with the best chances of success a Competitive Intelligence Unit.


  • First day: The methodology of Competitive Intelligence. In depth analysis (quick audit) of the information practices and how this information is accurate and is integrated in the decision system of the company. Critical factor of success will also be analyzed to see to which extend the information collection fit with these objectives. Synthesis of the audit and strategies to collect formal and informal external or internal information
  • Second day: The information system of the company. Goal of the system, requirement. The dissemination of the information. Cooperative Work and platform to create knowledge. Role and management of the experts. Live examples of various systems. Analysis in terms of SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat)
  • Third day: Formal information sources. Competitive Intelligence tools, patents retrieval and analysis. The shape and the place of the Competitive Intelligence Team in your Company. Which facilities are necessary, what will be the cost. Tentative of ROI. Guideline and conclusion of the workshop


Profile of the participants:

All decision makers from companies, institutions, governmental and regional bodies which have to understand and master the complexity of their environment, and which like to set up a CI team to strengthen and decision making.



Part of the course will be in English as well as in Indonesian, however, during the entire course and workshop translators speaking both languages will be available.



All the participants will be provided with a photocopy of the courses and case studies.



A certificate, signed by the professors and instructors will be provided to all participants, at the end of the workshop.


Follow up after the workshop:

After the workshop, all the participants will have for one month a full password to access extra information and to set up a live forum among the participants. The professors and instructors will also participate in the forum.

The main part of the courses will be available to the participants from the platform of CI-Worldwide, and a dedicated space will be opened to the company for a period of three months to practice cooperative work between the people engaged in Actionable Competitive Intelligence.

Saturday the 16th. Presented by Sri Damayanty Manullang
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