François Mermet

General François MermetGeneral François Mermet is a French Air Chief Marshal.

General François Mermet, former director of the DGSE (1987-1989)
DGSE (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure), which employs 4,100 people (2,800 civilians and 1,300 soldiers), it has a budget of nearly two billion francs per year.

The director of the DGSE occupies an important position, especially during cohabitation. His service broadcasts almost daily status messages to the Elysee, Matignon, Quai d'Orsay and Ministry of Defence. The head of the secret services also maintains at least once a month, face to face with the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister.

In the proper sense of the term, the DGSE constitutes the only "secret services" in France and is provided with amazing privileges: its budget is partially secret, none of parliamentary control can be exercised on it, and the agents have the option to act undercover as an IF (Identité Fausse). Since 1962 and the Ben Barka affair, the French secret services are subordinate to the Ministry of Defence.

Beside as director of the DGSE between 1987 and 1989, he was a director of nuclear experiments facilities in the Pacific between 1985 and 1987, and he is the man behind of the DRM (Direction du Renseignement Militaire) creation. Later, he led the Stratco, an emanation of the Ministry of Defence. Stratco is a strategic think-tank which backs up French defense organizations and industrialists. François Mermet is also involved in Pierre Sellier's corporation (Salamandre).

He was done a Grand Officer in the National Order for the Legion of Honor by François Mitterrand on October 5, 1990.

Frederic Mancuso

Frederic Mancuso"The combination of the Standard & Poor's databases and RIMES' state-of-the-art platform gives portfolio managers, analysts and investment bankers the first true internet based solution for portfolio construction and research."
Frederic Mancuso, Co-founded RIMES in 1996


April 1996 – Present
President, Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder & Director at RIMES Technologies Corporation
RIMES ( has been servicing the buyside with data and analytics since 1996, by delivering the first Internet-delivered, highly customized financial data aggregation platform. More than a decade later, the management of quality benchmark data built to fit any in-house or third-party solutions, coupled with the provision of excellent customer service remain RIMES’ primary focus.

1991 – 1995
Portfolio Manager at Bankers Trust
Since 1917, Bankers Trust has been a leading financial institution for commercial and consumer banking services. Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Bankers Trust is the largest privately held financial institution in the state, and employs nearly 500 people across the country. With offices in Ames, Iowa; Omaha, Nebraska; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and Phoenix, Arizona; Bankers Trust offers a tremendous selection of banking and financial products and services. As a community bank, Bankers Trust provides the personal connection customers deserve. Strong in leadership and integrity, Bankers Trust believes in contributing to the success of the communities in which they serve through a strong focus on diversity, volunteerism and financial support. Bankers Trust invests more than $1 million each year back into the community, and Bankers Trust employees volunteer over 13,000 hours annually to non-profit organizations. This leadership has earned Bankers Trust numerous community awards including the United Way Spirit of Central Iowa Award, the Outstanding Corporate Philanthropist Award, the Exporter Excellence Award, the Greater Des Moines Partnership Diversity Award, and many others. More information can be found at and at Bankers Trust is a Member FDIC Institution.

1989 – 1991
Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy. We partner with clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in all regions to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their enterprises. Our customized approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of companies and markets with close collaboration at all levels of the client organization. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results.


Educational Background

PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science, Ecole Normale Supérieure, 1989

Gilda Massari Coelho

Gilda Massari CoelhoGilda Massari Coelho, Doctor in Information Science and Communication, is the Director of the company S & G Gestão Tecnológica e Ambiental, business consultant and Professor of Post-Graduation courses. She was Head of the Division of Information Technology Watch at Institut National de Technologie, Brazil, from 1991 to 2002, where she was responsible for creating the first Specialization Course in Competitive Intelligence in Brazil. Pioneer course, done in cooperation with the University of Aix-Marseille III, Institut National de Technologie and several Brazilian universities, was responsible for the capacitation of about 250 students in IC at Brazil, including the training of approximately 15 doctors and 70 DEAs.

Her current activities include consulting services to Brazilian companies and the Centre de Gestion et d’Etudes Stratégiques (CGEE), a Brazilian think tank, responsible for future studies for various government institutions (Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Planning, etc) and private. As a professor, she made short courses for companies and participates in training at Brazil and Ecuador.

In 2003, she was elected as an Honorary Member of Association Brésilienne des Analystes d’Intelligence (ABRAIC). In 2004, with the group company Cortex Intelligence, she was awarded the FINEP / ABRAIC Innovation in Competitive Intelligence.


Professional Experiences

    • 2006-present;  Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Parcerias Estratégicas (Brasília)
    • 2004-present; Consultant of Centre de Gestion et Études Stratégiques - CGEE
    • 2002-present; Consultation and training of human resources in technological, economic intelligence, information technology for Brazilian companies.
    • 2002/2003; Trends Project Consultant / CTPetro-INT-ANP (Sector Oil and Gas)
    • 1997-present; Participation as a professor courses:
      Mastery of Management Technology (University of Cuenca, Ecuador);
      Mestrado Professional S, T & I in Health (Fiocruz);
      Specialization Course in Scientific and Technological Information in Health - ICTS (Fiocruz);
      Specialization Course in Competitive Intelligence (INT, Univ.Aix-Marseille, IBICT, UFRJ, UFBA, UFRN, UNA);
      Business Management and Technology (INT / UFRJ)
    • 1997-2005; Member of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
    • 1997-2002; Technical Coordinator of the Specialization Course in Competitive Intelligence - INT / / Univ.Aix-Marseille/IBICT/UFRJ/UFBA/UFRN/UNA
    • 1992-1999; International Coordinator of the Ibero-American Network of Information Technology on Corrosion - Ibero-American Programme of Science and Technology for Development - CYTED
    • 1991-2002; Head of the Division of Information Technology at Institut National de Technologie
    • 1984-1990; Responsible for the Technology Sector Disclosure at Institut National de Technologie
    • 1982-1984; Coordinator of Librarians Group on Information and Documentation Technology at Rio de Janeiro
    • 1980-1982; Representative near IBS Metals Information System for Latin America
    • 1971-1982; Coordinator Metals Information Center of Institut Brésilien de Sidérurgie - IBS
    • 1970-1971; Librarian of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards

Publications (2000-2007)

• Journal articles
- SANTOS, MM; COELHO, GM Santos, D. M.; FELLOWS Filho, L. . Text mining as a valuable tool in foresight exercises: a study on nanotechnology. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, c. 73, p. 1013-1027, 2006.
- COELHO, GM DOU, H.; Quoniam, L. Silva, C. H.. Ensino e Pesquisa no campo da Inteligência Competitiva no Brasil e a Cooperação Franco-Brasileira (Teaching and Research in the field of Competitive Intelligence in Brazil and Franco-Brazilian Cooperation). Puzzle. Revista Hispana de la Inteligencia Competitiva (Hispanic Journal of Competitive Intelligence), v. 6, p. 12-19, 2006.
- COELHO, G.M. , SANTOS, D. M., Santos, M., M. FELLOWS Filho, L. . Veille technologique au Brésil: le rôle du Centre de Gestion et d'Etudes Stratégiques. Regards sur l'Intelligence Economique (Technology watch in Brazil: the role of the Centre for Management and Strategic Studies. Focus on Economic Intelligence), v. 16, p. 60-63, 2006.
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Presentations in conferences and symposia
- Coelho, GM A Inteligência Competitiva na sua empresa (The Competitive Intelligence in your business). In: Seminário Internews, Rio de Janeiro, ago.2006.
- MANINNA, B., Coelho, GM; DOU, H. DOU JR, JM Análise de patentes visando a competitividade tecnológica e a inovação (Analysis of patents aimed at technological competitiveness and innovation). In: KM Brasil 2004 - Gestão do conhecimento na política industrial brasileira (Knowledge management in the Brazilian industrial policy), São Paulo, nov.2004.
- COELHO, G.M.; SILVA. CH Prospecção tecnológica em patentes no setor de O & G (Prospecting technological patents in the field of O & G). In: IV Workshop Brasileiro de Inteligência Competitiva e Gestão do Conhecimento (Brazilian Workshop IV - Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management), 2003, Salvador. Anais do IV Workshop Brasileiro de Inteligência Competitiva e Gestão do Conhecimento (Proceedings of the Brazilian Workshop IV - Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management), 2003.
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Book chapters and technical note
- RANGEL, L. C., COSTA, D. P. L; ARANHA, C. N. , COELHO, GM Cortex Competitiva: o primeiro sistema nacional integrado of inteligência competitiva (Cortex Competitive: the first integrated system of national competitive intelligence). In: Elaine Marcial. (Org.). Prêmio Inovação em em Inteligência Competitiva (Award for Innovation in Competitive Intelligence) - Anais. Brasília: ABRAIC, 2005, p. 17-46.
- COELHO, G.M. Prospecção tecnológica: metodologias e Experiencias nacionais e internacionais (Technology prospecting: methodologies and national and international experiences). Rio de Janeiro: INT / ANP-MCT-FINEP, 2003 (Note Técnica). Disponível em:


Educational Backgrounds

1997 - 2001
PhD in Information Science and Communication, University of Law and Science of Aix - Marseille - Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Saint Jérôme - France.
Thesis: "La société de la connaissance et les systèmes d’information stratégique comme appui à la prise de décision: proposition pour l´enseignement de l´Intelligence Compétitive au Brésil" (The knowledge society and information systems as support for strategic decision making: a proposal for the teaching of Competitive Intelligence in Brazil).

1996 - 1997
Diploma of Advanced Studies - Master of Science in Information and Communication, University of Law and Science of Aix - Marseille - Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Saint Jérôme - France. 
Dissertation: "Intelligence compétitive comme support à la compétitivité des entreprises brésiliennes: formation de ressources humaines et assistance technologique" (Competitive Intelligence as a support to the competitiveness of Brazilian companies: human resource training and technological assistance).

1967 - 1969
Diploma in Librarianship and Documentation, Santa Ursula University - Escola de Biblioteconomia e Documentação (the College of Librarianship and Documentation), Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.


Jacky Kister


1973-1980 Contractual Researcher DRME-DRET (Ministry of Defence) (Ing. 2 A)
Laboratory of Organic Chemistry A, Marseille

01/01/1980 Joined the CNRS as AR5, U.RA.CNRS 126: Dir. J. Metzger, team of H. Dou
Poste PIRSEM "systèmes énergétiques fossiles (fossil energy systems)"

01/10/1982 1st class Research in Charge

01/10/1990 2nd class Research Director

01/01/1998 Director of the ESA CNRS 6171 (14 permanents) (01/01/1998-31/12/1999)
Chemical Complex Systems (U3-CNRS) Recent and Fossil Organic Matters in Environmental

01/01/2000 Director of the UMR CNRS 6171 (28 permanents) (01/01/2000-31/12/2003)
Chemical Complex Systems (U3-CNRS-CEA) Recent and Fossil Organic Matters in Environmental

01/01/2004 Director of the UMR CNRS 6171 (28 permanent) (01/01/2004-31/12/2007)
Chemical Complex Systems (U3-CNRS-CEA) (U1-U2) Formulation Quality Environment (STIC / Chemistry interface)
STIC partner of ADEME and CEA (info-Energy and PACo networks)
Unit dependent departments Chemical Sciences and Sustainable Development

01/01/2008 2nd class Research Director, UMR 6263 ISM2 team of AD2EM
Responsible on Complex Chemical Systems Laboratory: services 451-461 (15 permanent and 14 theses)

Elected member of the Council on "Chemical Sciences" Department at CNRS (2001-2005)
Appointed become a Member for the Chemistry to the Scientific Council of I.N.S.U.e. (2002-2006)
Elected Vice President of the commission of U3 31/33 specialists from 1998 to 2004
Appointed become a Member of the commissions of U3 71 and 64 specialists from from 2001 to 2004
Appointed become a Member of the  commissions of U3 31 specialists from 2005 to 2007
Appointed become a Member of the commissions of U2 39 specialists from 2003 to 2007

Responsible on Information Sciences and Strategic Watch module for chemistry channels since 1988 and Pharmacy / Cosmetology 2006 and a member of the Group of CNRS experts in Economic Intelligence 2007 - 2009, Created in 2009 with the approval of the CNRS from SIS "Strategic Innovation Survey", supported platform for SME-SMI in Strategic Watch and Competitive Intelligence.





  • 156 publications issued and 15 chapters of books.
    25 publications for the period 2005-2009 (average IF > 2, Standard 1,290 < IF2008 < 5,712), for 2009 6 pub.2,579 < IF2008 <5,712


  • 85 research reports (industrial contracts, excluding military confidential contracts).


  • 392 papers, including 44 lectures/conferences on invitation.


  • 3 labeled and funded projects of competitive clusters CAPENERGIES, MER-PACA and SCS (global cluster).


  • 11 theses being funded at 01/07/2009 in Chemistry Sciences and Economic Intelligence (IST).


  • Award of technology transfer provided by Hubert CURIEN (1986) at the inauguration of the IMT Marseille, following the classification "fait porteur d’avenir / make a promising future" (theme materials), during the MRT symposium in 1982 and to support ANVAR in 1985.


  • A transfer of technology operation (Ste Katz-Anophot / IBS in the field of non-silver photography) (ANVAR-DVAR-CNRS). (Advice of the VAR Commission in 1985)


  • A transfer of technology operation at the field of the study in natural oxidation and aging of bitumen by IRTF (ANVAR, ELF).


  • Creation of A.S.P.R.O.M. European network in the Chemistry - Geosciences interface 1990 on the occasion of the MRT Strasbourg seminar "Terre notre planète: voir, mesurer, modéliser (Our planet Earth: see, measure, model)" co-directed with P. Landais, current D.S. of ANDRA.


  • Winner of the 2009 on Emergence category, Award of national competition from Ministry of Education and Research with OSEO and ANR, given on 25/06/2009 by Valerie PECRESSE for the G.R.D.S. project (thesis Cifre C. Sauzet sustained on 03/07/2009, Director of thesis J. Kister, Co-director P. Prinderre Co (recipient), thesis interface Strategic Watch / Chemistry / Pharmaceutics between the Universities of Aix-Marseille I and II, leading to the creation of a business (JEI), set business incubator between universities. Impulse along with using the starting device Provence (Prefecture) and SIS.




  • Ingénieur I.P.S.O.I. (1973)
    Docteur 3ème cycle (1974)
    CAAE-I.A.E. d'Aix-en-Provence (1975)


  • Doctor of Physical Sciences (1977)
    Authorized to conduct research since 1979


  • 101ème Stage DST / DGSE "Menaces d’investigations étrangères dans le domaine scientifique" (1983)


  • Habilité à diriger des recherches soutenue le 15/01/1988


  • Qualifié aux fonctions de Professeur
    in section 31/32 Chemistry (1994)
    in section 71 info-com (2007)


Jean-Louis Levet

Jean-Louis LevetHolds a Master of Planning, Jean-Louis Levet earned a Ph.D. graduate degree in Economics and a PhD degree in Economics State. He was the recipient of the Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences in Montpellier. His work focuses on industrial economics and public policy for the development of the productive system.


Career in Government

He became chargé de mission and then chief of the division "ERP and automation of production" in the Directorate General of the Ministry of Industry (1982-1988) where he was responsible for multiple files in the industrial machinery industry, contributes to the definition and implementation of the national program designed to promote Productique business performance of capital goods, participates in the implementation of the European Eureka program at the initiative of France. He later became the Special Advisor for Economic Affairs of Christian Pierret, president of the supervisory committee of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (1988-1990), then director of the strategy of the Company's financial participation industrial participation in the transformation of the company in an industrial and CEO of Expansion partners (1990-1991).

As a Special Adviser for industrial matters in cabinet of Édith Cresson, Prime Minister (1991 - 1992), he has particular responsibility for the development of a Prime Minister's priorities, a plan for the development of SMIs that implemented in late 1991. He then joined the Planning Commission as Head of the Development of Industrial Technology (May 1992 -June 2001), he promotes several areas of study with corresponding working groups bringing together all the economic actors, social and territorial governments (which it will for the most part the General Rapporteur) around issues of industrial policy and competition policy at the European level of competitiveness of French companies, intelligence, economic policies in favor of territorial development, the control centers of French economic decision-making (the question of the nationality of the company). He was appointed in June 2001 Rapporteur-General of the National Commission on state aid to companies headed by the Minister of Economy and Finance (June 2001 - December 2002), he was put in place at national level and in each region, in particular the goal, in consultation with relevant ministries, regions and social partners, to assess the French system of aid to companies for the first time a comprehensive analysis of this system will be carried out and the subject of a report to the French documentation, then it will be a benchmark for public actions to change this system. He was as a Head of business development and economic activities of the Planning Office (June - October 2003), then as Special Adviser to Alain Etchegoyen, Commissioner General Plan for industrial affairs, and European (October 2003 - March 2006). He realizes out a mission in particular the issue of relocation of production sites, the report will contribute to the public debate and action by public actors in this field. Having been in charge of the division "Industrial policy, competition and business Plan" from March to October 2006.


Academic career

He was elected unanimously by the Board of Directors in October 2006, Director (then called a few months later CEO) of Institut de recherches économiques et sociales (IRES: institute working in France serving French unions) conduct scientific program of the institute medium term, development of links with the unions; revitalization of the opening of the IRES on the outside including the completion of the first University Spring Ires with all the French unions in April 2009 on the theme "From financial capitalism sustainable development" and in partnership with the University of Paris-Dauphine and Marne la Vallée, EHESS and the media as France culture, creating an annual forum of French and German trade unions, in partnership with foundations F. Ebert and H. Böckler; conducting a seminar on "corporate strategies and their effects on employment and work". He resigned his position in late February 2010.

Member of the Scientific Council of the EGEE Doctoral School of Université Paris XII, board of experts of the Journal of Public Economics, the Scientific Committee on Security Papers (review of INHES), the editorial board of and the Journal of the European Géoéconomie Macrotec. He teaches business intelligence within the Master "Intelligence technical, scientific and economic" ESIEE (Université Marne la vallée).

Founding President (1997 - 2002) of Association Française pour le Développement de l'intelligence économique (AFDIE) and initiator of national meetings of the Economic Intelligence (1998 - 2001), co-initiator of the first Masters in France of intelligence to the University of Poitiers (1997), he created and directed the Economic Intelligence Review 1997 to 2003.

He was an auditor of the 53rd session of Institut des hautes études de la défense nationale (2000-2001).


Selected Bibliography

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